Who is the king of gambling? It takes a long story to become the king of gambling in the casino industry. In this era, gamblers can gambling on online or offline land casinos. There are many cheaters who look for the way to win and get rich easier by gambling.  Who is the king of gambling? Is it really him, Stanley Ho? If you are wondering about Stanley Ho and his gambling tactics in the Macau casino industry. You should read this article below. Check this out!

Who is the King of Gambling in Asia  

Who is the king of gambling? Stanley Ho, a legendary gambler of the Macau casino industry and one of Asia’s wealthiest individuals, has died at the age of 98. He was the Hong Kong billionaire who turned Macau into the gambling center of the world. On May 26, he died in the Hong Kong Sanatorium Hospital in Hong Kong.

Ho was a well-known character in Macau and was known as the ‘King of Gambling.’ He was the CEO of SJM Holdings, the world’s most profitable gaming corporation. Its casino enterprise allegedly paid half of Macau’s tax income at its height. At the time of his death, he was reported to be worth $6 billion. You can also win jackpot at bola online with daily bonus.

With his death, the gambling empire will not be jeopardized; he long since delegated responsibility to others. He is survived by four spouses and sixteen well-known offspring. Daisy Ho Chiu Fung, his daughter, is currently the chairman and executive director of SJM.

Pansy Ho, Ho’s daughter, told reporters, “My father just passed away quietly at around 1pm at Hong Kong hospital.”

Stanley Ho got an Health Issue since 2018

Stanley withdrew from SJM in June 2018, ceding power as concerns about his deteriorating health grew. While Daisy was in command at the time, Pansy Ho fought her for control of the family’s casino business on a few occasions.

Who is the king of gambling with billions on the line, the family has enough to argue over. Michael Hotung, Stanley Ho’s cousin, has already sued the Hong Kong High Court for unpaid dividends. Stanley’s mother, Winnie, was a 7.3 percent shareholder before her death in 2018 and had an altercation with the mogul in 2000, which sparked the court fights.

The family, however, would be incomplete without its misfits. Alan Ho, the magnate’s cousin, was recently sentenced to eight years in jail for his involvement in a high-profile prostitution case. Alan, like his uncle, has grown up and now owns the Hotel Lisboa, which has 100 rooms on two storeys.

Who is the king of gambling? He is Passed Away

In February 2019, Stanley Ho would have been on the verge of passing away. Several news outlets claimed at the time that he was gravely unwell, with speculations of organ failure circulating. The family stated he was in good condition and rested at the time, and they were outraged over claims that their father was in poor health.

When he resigned in 2018, two months before his 97th birthday, his personal fortune was reported to exceed 6.4 billion dollars. / Dy

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