In this starburst slot review, you will discover its mechanics and results. While modern 3D slot machines can be engrossing, there are moments when a timeless game like Starburst stands unrivalled. With its futuristic visuals and uncomplicated gameplay, the Starburst video slot appeals to players of every skill level. All the essential details about the game are provided below.

Our Honest Starburst Slot Review

An important advantage of opting for online slots rather than traditional casinos is the chance to engage in practice sessions. The Starburst slot game is readily accessible for free play on Slot Nexus or nearly all online casino platforms that feature it. 

This starburst slot review means you can enjoy a demo version of the game without wagering any real money. By playing the Starburst demo slot, you utilise virtual currency, and any winnings obtained are not actual cash, allowing you to hone your skills, experiment with different strategies and betting options, and become acquainted with the game’s mechanics without incurring any expenses.

1. Starburst Paytable

Compared to other online slots, the Starburst slot game stands out with its unique feature known as the Win Both Ways mechanism, deviating from the conventional payline structure that requires symbol matches from either the left or right side. 

This innovative approach enhances the potential for winning by allowing symbols to form matches from both directions. The game’s paytable displays the symbols utilised in the starburst slot review, along with their respective payouts when they form matches on a payline. 

The more symbols that are matched, the higher the resulting winnings. Additionally, the game includes a Wild symbol, which can appear on reels 2 to 4, and serves as a substitute for any other symbol, aiding in completing a payline.

2. Starburst Payline

The review of the Starburst slot game highlights its inclusion of 10 paylines, which determine the combinations that can generate payouts. What sets this video slot apart from others is its distinct feature that allows paylines to operate from both the left and right directions, effectively boosting the opportunities for forming winning combinations. 

The payout values are determined based on the number of symbols that match on a payline. For example, landing three red 7 symbols on a payline yields a payout of 25 coins, while achieving five matching 7 symbols results in a higher payout of 120 coins.

3. Starburst Bonus Round

The Starburst slot review from NetEnt is known for its simplicity, lacking intricate bonus games or free spins features. However, players can still indulge in a bonus element called Starburst Wilds. 

This feature introduces expanding wild symbols that initiate a free re-spin while the wild reel remains fixed in position. If another wild symbol appears during the re-spin, the process continues, and obtaining three wilds on the middle reels triggers three additional free re-spins. 

During these re-spins, players have the opportunity to win up to 500 times their initial bet, making it a noteworthy payout for a bonus round.

4. Starburst RTP and Volatility

Contrary to some slot games with simpler mechanics that may offer a lower return to player (RTP), the Starburst slot game stands out with a high RTP of 96.09%, as observed during starburst slot review. This aligns with the typical trend of NetEnt games, which often have an RTP surpassing 94%, and the Starburst slot is no exception. Its RTP is comparable to other well-known NetEnt titles like Gonzo’s Quest.

The Starburst slot is characterised by low volatility and a moderate hit frequency of 22.65%. This implies that players can anticipate landing winning combinations more frequently compared to higher variance NetEnt slots like Dead or Alive 2 on Slot Nexus. However, the payouts in starburst slot review will generally be smaller in comparison.

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