Grid Video Game Review is one of the most sought-after video game games from Codemasters. Every racing game lover must know about this game because Grid is indeed one of the exciting games to play. Codemasters always succeed in presenting a racing game with a unique design, including in this game.

The Resistance of Tough Teams in the Grid Video Game Review

When reading the Gride review, the presence of tough teams that you have to fight in the game will be very interesting. In this game, you can choose one of the various races that can be taken to reach the final of the Grid World Series competition. You can freely jump between branches of the race with ease. You can be free in touring races, GT, tuners, and more.

In each race that you have participated in, you can get a prize in the form of money. Well, the money you earn from racing can be used to buy new cars and recruit teammates who will join the races and help you on the circuit. Every car purchased can be customized with various designs and attractive colours.

The tough teams in the Grid Video Game Review will make every game you do fun and exciting. When playing Grid, there are several teams that you can challenge. You can also choose to challenge the Ravenwest team which is always a kind of final boss in every game. Besides, there is also the FA Racing team consisting of tough esports racers and Formula 1 world champion, Fernando Alonso.

Fernando Alonso will be a tough opponent who is hard to beat. The presence of this character will make your matches even more exciting. Whatever you do, each of your opponents can match all the skills you have. So you have to be able to control it well.

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Grid Video Game Review Has Challenging and Exciting Gameplay

Grid belongs to an arcade racing game. However, you will find out in the Grid Video Game Review that playing this game does not mean controlling every car is easy. Each car will react quite reasonably, for example when pressing the gas deeply in low gear which has the potential to make the car turn easier.

Besides, the car is also easy to control when turning so you can play more freely. But you must know that this convenience must be balanced with road conditions so that the gameplay will feel more challenging. You will feel the roughness of the road surface from the smooth asphalt to the roughness of the gravel pit. The road contours are created so realistically that you can feel the car tires rubbing against the sidewalk walls which make the car a little difficult to turn.

Whatever happens while on the road, you can feel everything alive in this game. The important thing that you have to remember in the Grid Video Game Review is that if you make a mistake, you can use the Flashback feature to rewind time and repeat the difficult parts. So that you can correct what mistakes you have done. Very interesting right?

This feature is not easy to find in the world of racing games. Most racing games available will make you repeat the game if you make a mistake. There are even those that make you have to repeat the game all over again.

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Grid Video Game Review of Dynamic AI Presence

AI performance is one of the featured features in the Grid Video Game Review. The developer managed to present hundreds of AI characters with different traits and behaviours. The AI ​​characters that are present are equipped with an in-game scripting system so that each race result feels different and dynamic. No matter how difficult the presence of AI is, the existing system has succeeded in ensuring that AI can also make mistakes. You can use this to steal positions.

The AI ​​system presented by the developer does look attractive. Through the existing scripting system, the AI ​​car could suddenly roll over and get stuck in the middle of the road. This of course can benefit you to win every round of matches that you participate in. But you have to remember that if you are not careful, you could get into an accident.

You will feel the sensation of a very dynamic AI when you find an AI that can also react to your actions on the circuit. If you race roughly, the AI ​​will enter Nemesis Mode. This mode will allow you to experience a more enjoyable racing game.

Nemesis mode will act more aggressively and will try to push you out of the way. Nemesis Mode can also happen to your teammates if it is roughed up. If so, he will not obey your orders to attack or defend. It will be more challenging right?

Career Mode Grid Video Game Review

In the Grid Video Game Review, you can meet hundreds of opposing racers during your career. The grid offers a career mode that is fun to play. There are 400 AI racers that you can meet during gameplay. Each character has different traits and characteristics and can make unexpected mistakes. How you face other racers will affect the career mode you play.

Even when you have an AI racer with you, they will not necessarily listen to your orders. This is because each racer has different characteristics. The review grid also provides a very straightforward racing experience. You can choose the type of race, car, or race right away. All of this will make playing easier and more enjoyable.

Best-handling of any driving game in its class
Variation of car, none of which are boring
Beautiful-looking tracks from around the world
Good rival driver AI
Great nemesis system

Relatively brief career mode
Less diverse content

Game Details
Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia
Release Date:
11 October 2019
$ 20.95 at Amazon

Visual: 85%
Performance: 85%
Story: 80%
Audio: 80%
Price: 75%


The presence of the career mode in the Grid Video Game Review makes anyone love this game. You can reach each position clearly without fear of failure. You can even enjoy each game mode in a fun and freeway. Read the Grid Video Game Review is the best choice for beginners or advance.

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