Double down in blackjack is a game that is constantly evolving and there is a great choice of blackjack strategies for everyone to play the game. The double down bet is a way to increase your bet by the same amount once you have received your two cards. You are guaranteed a possible double win on your original bet that offsets the house edge to some extent.

Getting Know Double Down in Blackjack

The double down in blackjack bet is an exciting bet in blackjack because it can be very profitable if done right. You choose to double down if you double your bet. After that you will only receive one more card. It’s risky, because if you get a low card, you can’t take any more cards and you risk losing twice as much.

It is essential to know when is the right time to double your bet. It’s about finding the right balance between playing it safe and taking risk. Below you will find out in which situations it is wise to opt for double down.

1. Having a Hard 10

In double down in blackjack, if you have the chance to make a combination of 10 with two cards without Ace, you can decide to double down at Blackjack. Theoretically, in this case it is a good choice because the chance of getting a card worth ten points is quite high. Also, if you get a 7, 8, or 9, you also have pretty good chances of beating the dealer.

However, we recommend that you do not double your bet if you see that the dealer also has an ace or a hard ten. Both you and the casino have an equal chance of winning the hand, but with the difference that you risk losing more money than usual.

2. The Dealer Has Low Cards

This is an important signal that you can go for the double down. Keep in mind that if you double your bet on Blackjack, you can only get one extra card. Once you choose this type of bet, you cannot get any other cards.

3. Two Eights Split and Double

Splitting your hand gives you a double chance of winning. Statistics show that it’s best to split your two eights, as 16 is considered one of the worst hands in Blackjack.

4. Two Aces

Two aces in the hand is usually the best thing that can happen to you, but because of the more complex blackjack rules, that’s not the case. However, this pair gives you a great opportunity to turn a disadvantage into an advantage. By splitting the hand and choosing to double down, you have good chances of reaching 21.

Option ​​for Double Down in Blackjack

It’s pretty obvious, never double down in blackjack when the dealer shows an ace. The chance that he has blackjack is simply too great. And even if he doesn’t have a Blackjack, there’s a very good chance that he will have a total of close to 21.

Also, never use the double down option if you have a combination that is higher than 16. The chance of busting is too great to risk this.

If you’re ever unsure whether it’s the right thing to do to double down, stick with the safe option and keep your bet as it is.

Sometimes you will notice that certain players often choose to double down, but usually these are players who also lose a lot of money. On the majority of hands, it is better not to double your bet. So only take the risk if this clearly works in your favor.

Double Down in Blackjack Verdict

One thing is certain: the double down bet can be a double-edged blade. The risk is proportional and if you are not careful you could end up in a difficult situation. Apart from that, you should always keep in mind the casino rules for these types of bets. Sometimes the house won’t allow a double down bet unless you have a 10 or 11 as a combination.

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