What is on your mind when you hear the game of Baccarat gambling? Auto-remember the James Bond secret agent film that makes this game look so cool in the film? Or vice versa, you don’t know at all what the game of Baccarat gambling is and how to play it? Here are some information about the history of Baccarat.

According to a gambling expert from Bigwin Casino when compared to other types of card gambling games, the game of Baccarat is not as popular as poker and blackjack, but this game has many fans from all over the world.

For lovers of the Baccarat card gambling game, this card game is fairly easy and has the potential to generate profits due to the relatively low house edge factor. But it doesn’t apply to you beginners. You still need to practice and have experience plus choose the right game strategy to reach this phase.

No wonder this card game continues to survive in casinos in Vegas, Macau, and casinos in other countries where gambling is legal.

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History of the Emergence of the Baccarat Card Game

As with the history of other gambling games, the history of the emergence of Baccarat for the first time is still confusing and only theoretical. Even so, honestly the history of this card game is very interesting to discuss.

If you are curious about what the history of Baccarat, what it has been like until now that it become one of the most popular gambling games both at land casinos and in online casinos. No need to wait, let’s look at the following information provided by the gambling experts at Tangan Dewa.

Early History – From Chinese Card Games to Ancient Roman Rituals

The first records found related to the history of the card game Baccarat are those in the 19th century. According to these records, Baccarat is a game derived from a game in China.

Unlike Baccarat today, this game derived from China did not use card media at all, and the Chinese people at that time called this game the name Chinese Pai Gow.

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People who often play Pai Gow use media in the form of blocks or tiles. A gambling maestro at Naga95 said, the word ‘Pai Gow‘ itself in Mandarin means ‘to create the number nine’. From this it can be concluded that the nine (9) is the highest score in this game. Unfortunately, this theory has not been proven at this time.

There is also another interesting theory regarding the card game Baccarat. This one theory is still based on the same idea, namely the idea of ​​the number Nine as the highest score in the game of Baccarat. This theory says that Baccarat is an original game from the Ancient Romans. 

The romans is one of the nations with the best civilization in the world, of course, that cannot be far from ritual. Likewise with the ancient Roman version of the Baccarat game.

Some say that when Baccarat is being played, there is a certain ritual so that players can get the highest score, which is the number nine. The ritual is quite simple and not a gruesome, but visually disturbing ritual.

The ritual in question is a ritual in which a girl who is still a virgin is asked to roll dice to get a lucky number. It would be much luckier if the number you got was nine.

There are two numbers in this Baccarat game that are considered to have a high ranking. The two numbers are the number 9 and the number 8.

But there are also other opinions that still have something to do with rituals in the game of Baccarat in the style of the Ancient Romans. If the virgin girl rolled numbers other than the number 8 and the number 9, she must die by being drowned in the deep ocean.

Baccarat of Italy

In Italy itself, reportedly this baccarat card game first appeared around the 13th century, the same century when the adventurer and accomplished sailor Marco Polo returned to his home country, Italy, after undergoing his expedition for many years.

Based on a source of French manuscripts found around the 1330s, there is a game that is very similar to the Baccarat gambling game where this game is played on a table. At that time, the card game was not a popular game and was still considered strange and arguably very rare.

The cards at that time were not cards like today where today’s cards are made of paper and are given pictures or symbols, and numbers. Cards in the 13th century were cards whose surface was painted or drawn manually by hand.

Apart from being painted manually, there is another way that is much faster and more practical to give a symbol or image to one of the card faces, namely by affixing one of the card faces using a wooden block stamp.

Previously, around the 1290s, Marco Polo introduced the original Chinese game of pai Gow to the Italian community. It didn’t take long, this game became popular in various circles of society and even became one of the mandatory games played at major events.

The game’s popularity, which is very similar to the Baccarat card game, skyrocketed after the invention of the printing machine.

At that time, a game similar to Baccarat used a deck of cards totaling 78 cards. So, from this last theory, the public then concluded that the card game Baccarat came from Italy, not France. It’s just that at that time this game was not called Baccarat. People at that time only named it with the Tarrochi game.

Tarrochi-Baccarat, Is It The Same?

You could say that Tarocchi is the parent of all types of card games that developed in Europe, including the card game Baccarat. Felix Falguiere, who is also known as the creator of the game Baccarat, used to use Tarot cards (Tarocchi).

There are some people who also argue that the card game Baccarat was inspired by the card game Macao, which is also played with the number nine. This version is said to be closest to the rules of the game of baccarat.

It doesn’t stop there, there is a card game in Italy, namely Le Her, which is claimed to be the pioneer of the Baccarat card game.

One of the similarities of these two card games is the rules of the second game in which both games are games using fixed numbers to get the highest number.

Le Her itself is a type of card game that is only played by two players. In this game, each player only gets one card. Each card has a number 1 to 13 with King as the card with the highest value.

If a player has this card, he will automatically win. Each player can also exchange cards if their card is not a King card. This kind of exchange and addition of cards technique is very similar to the technique of adding cards in the card game Baccarat.

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Another type of card game that is often associated with the game of Baccarat in Italy. The card game in question is Vingt-et-un which means ’21’ (French).

It is true that this game should be more equated with the card game Blackjack, but Blackjack also belongs to the Baccarat family. Both have the same parent.

In a book entitled Hoyle’s Official Rules of Card, 1911 edition, it is written that there is a significant difference between Baccarat en Banque vs Chemin de Fer.

An expert from Galaxy99 conclude that it is clear baccarat and blackjack are two different games, it’s just that they come from one parent.

Baccarat in France which is starting to get busy but is illegal

Who doesn’t know about France. While still in the form of a monarchy, France was known as one of the great empires in Europe. The nobles there were notorious for indulging in extravagance, including playing the newly played card games at the time. 

According to our gambling expert at MenaraQQ, one of the card games that often became entertainment for the French nobility was the game of baccarat.

Before fame, at first the card game Baccarat was first introduced by French soldiers who at that time had fought against Italy. After that, Baccarat became popular and even became a favorite game in France until now.

Around the 1940s, there were two types of baccarat games, namely Chemin de Fer and Baccarat en Banque aka Baccarat Deux Tableux. Because it was so popular, Louis Philip then ordered his men to build a casino specifically for this game.

Sure enough, in 1837, a new casino building was built specifically for this game of Baccarat. Unfortunately, this casino is still in an illegal status because it had not been approved and licensed at that time.

Well, specifically the Chemin de Fer version of the Baccarat card game, this game became known by the public in 1832.

This year is the same year as the construction of the first railroad project in France. No wonder the game is named Chemin de Fer which in French means ‘iron road’.

From this information provided by several experts at Garuda Game, we can probably assume that baccarat en banque is an old version of baccarat. Baccarat en Banque first existed around 1847.

At that time there was a mathematician named Charles Van Tenac who succeeded in making a mathematical analysis of this game. The results of this analysis were later written in a 13-page book.

Across the Atlantic-Pacific, Baccarat Appears in America

The history of the Baccarat card game in America itself is supported by several research results and documentation in the form of books or notes as sources. According to Clinton, an expert from Slot95 Casino, most of these sources were written around 1911.

In this year, he said, the game of Baccarat has often been played. This theory is approved by a number of book authors such as Steve Forte and John Carne. Likewise most of the card game experts today.

The first note that the card game Baccarat was first played in the Americas is a note written in 1871.

This note later became the source of an article in the United States’ leading print media, the New York Times, which informed that there were so many people at the Club House in Long Branch that were seen at the Roulette table and the Baccarat table.

In 1899, there was also an article from the same print media which stated that there were about 30 French citizens who were arrested by the police because they were proven to be playing baccarat.

So, from these two articles, we can conclude that the game of Baccarat card in America has long been played for decades before this game was famous and legal to play.

This fact defies the assumption of many speculators who have said that Baccarat was first played in Uncle Sam’s country around the early 1990s, to be precise in 1911 in New York City.

Still from the speculators’ assumptions, reportedly, baccarat was a less popular card game at that time. Its popularity is still far below compared to the other two types of card gambling games, namely Craps and BlackJack.

Premiere Baccarat Plays in the United States

The Baccarat card game has not been found in the 1931 Assembly Bill list, a special organization that legalizes various types of gambling in the United States.

Then around 1958, the non-bank version of baccarat aka Chemin de Fer was officially included in the list of gambling games that can be played at the Sands. At this time, Baccarat is not the main game, aka the favorite game.

Only later in 1959, there was the latest version of the Baccarat game introduced by Tommy Renzoni.

This latest version of Bacccarat he named Punto Banco and was first played in Vegas. Shortly thereafter, this game developed very well at a casino in Argentina called Casino Mar de Plata around the early 1950’s. Well, this one game is the version of the baccarat game that is most often played in various parts of the world until now.

Online Baccarat Games, The future of This Exciting Card games

With the support of information technology, especially internet technology, advanced device technology, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), almost all types of gambling games that are commonly played in land-based casinos are now available in an online alias virtual version.

Of course this is an achievement of the highest human civilization where humans have succeeded in applying the sophistication of their technology to support various daily activities, including in finding entertainment via playing online gambling.

According to our source from Bento4D, online baccarat basically has the same rules of the game as the baccarat rules that are usually found in land-based casinos.

It’s just that the online version of Baccarat is much more practical, real-time, and global or universal, meaning that anyone from all over the world is free to play this Baccarat card game online with the support of devices such as smartphones, mobile PCs / laptops, PCs, or tablets.


In terms of visual appearance, of course online Baccarat is much more interesting because it is supported by slick, clear, and sharp-colored graphics.

To compensate for this cool visual appearance, of course this online Baccarat must also be supported by updated software so that it can support various operational processes while the game is being played.

To get an exciting and not boring Baccarat game, you need not only a simple and mediocre gameplay, but also competitive players.

Macauindo gambling review

These elements seem insignificant if this baccarat game does not have complete, informative, and convenient feature support for all users.

If you are really curious about the online version of the Baccarat card game, you can immediately access one of the sites on the internet. Make sure you choose a trusted site.

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