Green Lantern slot is worth a try whether you’re a die-hard DC Comics fan or just enjoy comic-themed slots. Green Lantern is a slot game developed by Playtech and released shortly after the 2011 film. It features three spectacular bonus games and fascinating methods to play them. There are also elements such as cascading wins and the potential to win huge jackpots.

This is a five-reel, fifty-payline slot with minimum bets of $/€0.10 per line and maximum bets of $/€20 per line. However, you can bet up to $/€1,000 every spin if you wish to, and if you select the Bonus Bet button, the Ring feature will be activated for an extra 10 coins. 

It’s worth it, though, because you might just achieve the maximum cash reward of $/€400,000, which is equivalent to 20k coins. On this progressive jackpot slot, there are numerous opportunities to win free spins.

Green Lantern Slot Theme

Green Lantern slot is a Playtech video slot with 5 reels and up to 243 ways to win. The game is based on the 2011 smash film Hal Jordan, which starred Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. Jordan, a test pilot, is the first human member of the Green Lantern Corps, as depicted in the film. He is given a magical ring that grants him superpowers, but he must battle Parallax, who may succeed in threatening to upset the universe’s power balance.

This visually stunning slot has a Collapsing feature that allows players to win many times on each spin, with winning symbols disappearing and being replaced by fresh winning symbols.

Each collapsing win in the game adds “charges” to your power meter, which might lead to a slew of free spins. What you actually want is the Fear Flight Mission, where you can get limitless free spins until the reels are covered with up to 8 stacking wilds. 

You can also get up to 10 free spins and extra wilds by completing the Training Center Mission. With the Secret Sector Mission, you can also win 10 free spins.
Not only that, but the Green LanternTM slot also boasts four progressive jackpots.

 Green Lantern Slot Features

Aside from the rich gameplay, Playtech provides us with a dynamic and well-designed theme that enhances the whole experience of the game. When compared to games like Mega Moolah and the Avengers, which are both DC-themed slots, Green Lantern comfortably outperforms the competition. 

With a massive 243 ways to win, this is a slot you’ll want to not just use your welcome bonus on, but also try out on your own. The thing about the Green Lantern, though, is that even if you’re willing to put your own money on the line, there are lots of ways to keep winning thanks to the game’s several intriguing and interactive features.

The Bonus Rounds

You’re probably familiar with the bonus bet option if you’ve ever played slots like Batman or The Flash. This feature in the Green Lantern online slot game attempts to provide more action and a better return to player rate during the main game, improving the average RTP from around 92 % to slightly over 95 %. 

This feature may be accessed by pressing the Bonus Bet button in the bottom right corner of the game screen. It does, however, cost an extra ten cents per spin, raising the minimum stake amount per spin.

However, if you want rapid, massive wins and exciting games, it’s certainly worth it. Just keep in mind that you should never risk more than you can afford to lose. Try out this option once in a while, whether you utilize a casino’s welcome bonus or a special cashback bonus, or simply play with your own money.

Green Lantern Free Spins

The wild symbol is one of the most interesting elements to uncover on the Green Lantern slot reels. This is provided by the one and only Green Gladiator himself. Except for the bonus ring and scattered ring, the Green Gladiator replaces all other symbols on the reels when he appears.

The Green Gladiator, on the other hand, only appears on reels 2 and 4, and when he does, along with a lantern symbol appearing on reel 3, the free spins round is triggered. You’ll start with 24 free spins. 

However, there’s a chance you’ll get even more wilds on reels 2 and 4. Because for every lantern symbol that appears, an extra wild is added to the two reels, increasing your chances of a wild win and offering you the incredible chance to quadruple your free spins thanks to the 4x multiplier.

Green Lantern Scatter Symbols

When playing slots, scatter symbols are always an exciting method to boost your chances of winning and unlock extra games. Online casino slots, in particular, provide entertaining ways to increase your playtime and bankroll by forming scatter combinations inside a game. 

The one and only Green Lantern is the scatter symbol in the Green Lantern slot game, and when he appears on your slot reels, he awards several wins as symbols and replaces him with even more winning symbols if you’re able to form a winning combination.

The Power Bar, which can be found on your reels, is then filled with the winning lantern combinations. You receive access to the super-fun bonus rounds and even more chances to win on the Green Lantern slot game once the Power Bar is fully charged. While this isn’t a progressive jackpot game like Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, there is still the possibility of enormous winnings and progressive jackpots.

Green Lantern Wild Symbols

The Green Lantern Wild symbol can only appear on reels 2 and 4, as we explained earlier. When it does show up, it usually brings with it a winning combination. The best part is that any winnings you get when you use the Green LanternTM Wild symbol are almost always doubled. When the Green Lantern wilds appear on reels 2 and 4 at the same time, and the battery symbol appears on reel 3, the Free Spins feature is activated.

The Green Lantern Wild symbol can only appear on reels 2 and 4, as we explained earlier. When it does show up, it usually brings with it a winning combination. 

The best part is that any winnings you get when you use the Green LanternTM Wild symbol are almost always doubled. When the Green Lantern wilds appear on reels 2 and 4 at the same time, and the battery symbol appears on reel 3, the Free Spins feature is activated.

Four Progressive Green Lantern Slot Jackpots to Win

The Green Lantern game is part of Playtech’s DC Superheroes jackpot network, which means there are four different progressive jackpots to win. Players are chosen at random for the Jackpot Game, and if they win, they will receive either the Mini, Minor, Major, or (ideally) the Grand jackpot.

You’ll find 20 jackpot icons in this slot game, and if you fill the area for a jackpot, you’ll win it. The Grand Jackpot has been known to reach above $/€400,000 in the past. There is no doubt that this game has been built for fun and winning, with features such as free spins, scatters, and wilds, as well as bonus games and four fantastic progressive jackpots. Even if you only want to play for fun with the lowest wager, you never know, you can strike it rich on this slot.

The Autoplay Slot Feature

To begin playing the Green Lantern slot, you must first decide how much you want to wager. You can do so by pressing the button located directly below the game’s reels. You may then utilize the spin option to start those reels in motion once you’ve decided on your bet size. 

You can utilize the game’s Autoplay option if you don’t want to perform manual spins every time or if you want to play without interruption. When you select this option, the reels will automatically spin and continue to spin until you stop them and choose to continue playing the game in manual mode. When you merely want to set your limitations and keep the reels spinning, this is always a useful tool.

Other Special Green Lantern Slot Features

Green Lantern slot is jam-packed with unique features, making it a lot of fun to see. The winning symbols vanish in the Collapsing Feature, for example, and are replaced by falling symbols from the top of the screen. With each spin, you have the chance to win again and again.

Each successive collapsing win adds one block to your bar. If you get four wins in a row, the game will send you on one of three missions. The bigger the mission charge, the more wins you gain in a row.

All of your symbols from the previous spin explode in the Fear Fight Mission feature, revealing stacked wilds at the bottom of your reels. It’s a round of free spins that lasts until all of the reels are covered in stacking wilds.
You can gain 10 free spins and extra wild symbols if you complete the Training Center Mission.

In the Fear Fight Mission feature, all of your symbols from the previous spin explode, revealing stacked wilds at the bottom of your reels. It’s a free spins round that continues until all of the reels are covered in stacking wilds.
If you complete the Training Center Mission, you will receive 10 free spins and additional wild symbols.

Green Lantern Slot Play for Real Money

Green LanternTM from Playtech would check off most of the boxes on any checklist for a modern-day yet archetypal casino game. It boasts fantastic animations and graphics, as well as a deeply immersive theme and the well-known collapsing reels feature that we seem to have highlighted several times. 

There’s no doubt that this is an online slot with global and long-term gaming appeal. If you want to play the game for real money, you’ll need to create an account at your preferred casino. However, registration is usually simple and straightforward, and you can often take advantage of a welcome bonus to raise your bankroll for this thrilling game.

Where to Play the Green Lantern Slot

To begin, we’d like to point out that the Green Lantern slot is available for free at various Playtech casinos, as well as on your desktop PC or mobile device. As a result, you may play the game while on the go. Free play is an excellent method to get a feel for the game and acquaint yourself with its mechanics. 

The best part is that Green Lantern’s demo mode is identical to the real money game; the only difference is that you don’t get to keep anything you earn. However, it’s a wonderful chance to experiment with wager sizes and bonus features until you get the swing of things.

Once you’ve determined that you enjoy the game (and we’re confident you will), you may join a casino and play for real money. Green Lantern slot is available at a number of Playtech casinos, including Leo Vegas, Captain Spins, Jonny Jackpot, Dream Vegas, All Slots, Slot95 and Spin Casino.

Green Lantern Slot Rating

Playtech has done an incredible job with this game, and we are blown away. You may enjoy the amazing soundtrack, stunning design and graphics, and all those thrilling elements we mentioned, not to mention the many opportunities for free spins, whether you play on your PC or on the move on a smartphone or tablet. 

We particularly enjoy Hal’s antics, such as when you haven’t spun the reels in a while and he becomes irritated, flashing green beams at the spin buttons.The features ensure that there is lots to be gained whether you choose to roll big or small. If you’re playing minimum bets, the increasingly progressive jackpots aren’t easy to come by, but that’s to be expected with these kinds of games.
Overall, this is Playtech’s finest hour. Green Lantern is a good base game on its own, but it has a lot of additions and features to keep things interesting.

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