Mahjong is a Chinese strategy game with a long history. It’s similar to rummy, but instead of cards, it’s played with tiles. You usually play with four people, but you can also play with three. However, how Mahjong is played actually?. 

The goal is to create mahjong by forming four melds and a pair. There are many different types of mahjong, so these rules aren’t set in stone. Always follow the rules of the people with whom you’re playing.

How Mahjong is Played on Starting A Round

Mahjong is actually easy to play, however, you as a player should follow some steps below to improve your game. 

1. Roll A Set of Dice

To determine who will be the East Wind, roll a set of dice. That game’s dealer is the East Wind. The East Wind is whoever rolls the highest total on two dice. 

The West Wind is on the opposite side of the East Wind, with the North Wind to the East’s left and the South Wind to the East’s right. In addition, the South Wind, who is to the right of the East Wind, is the first to go.

2. Place The Tiles

Shuffle and deal the tiles by placing them face-down. Place all of the tiles in the middle of the table and flip them over. To shuffle the tiles, move them around with your hands. When the tiles have been sufficiently shuffled, the East Wind can decide.

3. Have The East Wind

Allow the East Wind to distribute 13 tiles to each player. At a time, the East Wind distributes one tile to each player. 

Stop dealing when each player has 13 points. There will be tiles left over. Simply place them in a group in the middle of the table, as you’ll be drawing from them throughout the game. To make your hand, line up the tiles facing you.

Before dealing, make a wall of tiles in front of each player, 36 tiles in stacks of two in traditional mahjong. Then you join all of the walls to form a square. 

The East Wind rolls two dice, then counts from right to left to that point on the wall, then pushes two stacks of tiles forward into their hand. 

Players take turns pulling out 2 stacks at a time until they have a total of 12 stacks each. The East then takes two tiles, while the other three players each take one.

4. Pass The Tiles

In American mahjong, the “Charleston” rule is used to pass tiles. This is a variant rule that is typically only used in the American version of the game. It’s split into three sections. Charleston must be done the first time. 

The first pass entails taking three tiles from your hand that you want to discard and passing them to the right. 

Then repeat with the person across from you (second pass) and the person to your left (third pass) (third pass). You can repeat the process if everyone agrees, but if one person says “no,” you won’t be able to.

You can use a “blind” pass on the third pass, which means you can move 1-3 tiles passed to you to the next person without looking at them. Make sure you pass 3 while compensating for the extra from your hand.

At the end of the game, the players across from each other can agree to exchange 1-3 tiles as a courtesy pass. This is an optional pass, and both players must agree on the number of tiles they want to exchange. The lower of the two numbers is used.

Then, four steps above explain how Mahjong is played. Now you can play it easily as long as you read it carefully. If you want other exciting games, you can sign up to pkv online as it offers eleven best games. 

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