How To Play Pharaoh’s Way – Pharaoh’s Way is a Casino-style slot game that uses Egyptian legends as the theme of the game. This virtual slot game created by Cervo Media provides the best slot playing experience by presenting smooth graphics and animations. This game not only invites you to play casino-style slots, with interesting gameplay and themes invites us to play with the atmosphere of a very global Egyptian legend.

There are 5 reels with 4 symbols that can be combined according to luck. In addition, we can play with 3 reels and 3 symbols. You can set the lucky line with a sum of 10, m 25 and 50 lines. By choosing the highest number of lines there will be 243 chances of winning in this game.

How to Play Pharaoh’s Way

1. It is Easy to Play

Pharaoh’s Way is very easy, press the Spin button and the slot will spin very quickly. The numbers and symbols that appear will be combined automatically, you will get a bonus if the slot has several matching numbers and symbols.

2. Amazing Display

Slots – Pharaoh’s Way has a professional design, this is evidenced by the number of installation files that reach 49Mb with graphics that look very smooth even when the slot spins at high speed.

Slot rotation settings are one of the mandatory regulatory features for Slots – Pharaoh’s Way players. You can set fast spins, rounds with alternate stopping slots to the autoplay feature that can be utilized if you want to play automatically.

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3. Challenging

There is a level up feature that allows players to unlock new arenas that require certain level requirements. In the early stages, we play in The Thomb of Enhom arena, if the player manages to reach level 10 then The Temple of Arum can be played with various new features that were not available in the previous arena. Interestingly again we can play a new arena every 10 levels that are successfully achieved. Raising the level required a certain number of diamonds. Diamonds are obtained automatically when we press the spin button. Diamonds are also obtained every time a player manages to match the existing numbers or symbols.


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