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May 31, 2001 - Lucky Break Promotion a Hit with Players

Club Members Live Out Slot Fantasy at Majestic Star Casino

May 31, 2001 - Buffington Harbor, Ind. - Changing your luck has taken on a whole new meaning at Majestic Star Casino. Twelve Club Majestic members to date have won the chance to net up to $2,000 a minute in the casino's hot new Lucky Break promotion. During the promotion, 30 casino guests total will live out a slot player's fantasy of playing a slot machine for five minutes and keeping all the winnings.

To win a Lucky Break, Club Majestic members earn points playing slots or table games using their Club Majestic cards. Points are redeemable for entries into weekly Lucky Break drawings. The drawings take place each Saturday from 4 to 10 p.m. Entrants must be present when their name is called to win a 5-minute Lucky Break. Each hour, one lucky club member will win a Lucky Break that works like this:

  • Winners play a special credit-accumulating Majestic Lucky Break slot machine. At the end of their Lucky Break, the winner spins a point value wheel to determine whether their credits become nickels, quarters, halves or even dollars! So, if a winner plays for $1 per credit, their 5-minute Lucky Break could earn them up to a maximum of $10,000!

    "Our club members are very excited about this promotion," said Tom Fayollat, Promotions Manager. "Lucky Break gives casino players a chance to play a slot machine that pays out and never takes your money!"

    Majestic Star Casino is located at Buffington Harbor in Gary, Indiana - just 25 minutes from Chicago. Buffington Harbor is the only casino facility in Indiana with 30-minute boarding periods every hour. All other casinos in Indiana board once every two hours.

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