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"Beat the House Blackjack"

Beginning October 5
How would you like to play up to 42 hands of Blackjack-ON US? As a Club Majestic member, you earn Beat the House Blackjack entries seven days a week whenever you are dealt any two-card "21", any five-card or more "21", any three-sevens "21" or any time you buy in for $500 or more at a Blackjack or Spanish 21 game.

We draw 21 lucky participants each Thursday beginning at 8:30 pm to play 21 hands of $10/hand blackjack FREE. If a player wins a hand, they collect the winnings. If the player loses, the original $10 bet stays on the table for the next hand! It's a real win-win situation! After the 21st hand, the player keeps the original $10 standing bet from Majestic Star Casino PLUS all winnings from the 21 hands dealt.

The top seven money winners will move on to a final round where we up the ante to $50 per hand for 21 additional thrilling hands of Beat The House Blackjack with our money. Again, those seven keep all their winnings from all 42 hands as well as the original $10 and $50 house-provided bet!

This is one casino promotion you simply can't afford to miss. How can you lose?