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Casino Launches Net Member Signups
Guests Receive the Latest News, Offers and Invitations Online

March 8, 2001 - Buffington Harbor, Ind.- In this tech-savvy world, casinos still send you information and offers through traditional "snail mail." Not any more. Majestic Star Casino recently started offering a much speedier alternative to its Club Majestic members in the form of "online" correspondence.

Now, Club Majestic members who give the casino their e-mail address will be the first to receive the latest news on Majestic. The casino recently held its first "Net Members" party and plans to host many similar events in the future (pending IGC approval).

"Our goal is to give casino guests up-to-the-minute information on promotions and special events," said Jef Bauer, vice president of marketing. "Fast and efficient service is what we strive for in every aspect of our business. We've already added hundreds of Club Majestic members to our Net Member list and we expect that number to grow into the tens of thousands by year's end."

Recently added to the weekly "wired" news are an event schedule, entertainment schedule and a listing of Majestic's biggest progressive jackpots. Majestic strives to stay a step ahead of the competition technologically while catering to the lifestyles and preferences of its guests. In addition to the electronic communication service now available to guests, the casino is re-tooling its highly-visited website. The new site will include event calendars, casino news, current employment opportunities and more.

Majestic Star Casino is located at Buffington Harbor in Gary, Ind., just 25 minutes from Chicago. Buffington Harbor is the only casino facility in Indiana with 30-minute boarding periods every hour. All other casinos in Indiana board once every two hours.