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Guest Turns Nickel Into $57,000
Majestic Star Casino's Nickel Progressive Slot Pays Off Big

January 18, 2001 - Buffington Harbor, Ind.- It was quite an exciting night for a very lucky Majestic Star Casino guest. On Wednesday, January 17th, Donna Walters hit it big on one of the casino's nickel slot machines. Jockey Pay, a progressive jackpot game, paid out over $57,000 to Westville resident Donna Walters.

"This jackpot has been building for a while and we've been expecting it to hit," said Mark Bennett, Director of Slots. "Progressive games are very popular because the jackpots become so large. It's always exciting when one of our guests wins a big payout like this."

The casino's other progressive jackpots are also climbing high:

10x Pay........................$98,000
10x Pay........................$88,900
Caribbean Stud Poker......$116,500

Walters had been playing the machines for about an hour and a half when the winning combination appeared on her screen. When asked what she would do with her winnings, Walters simply replied "Spend it!".

Majestic Star Casino is located at Buffington Harbor in Gary, Indiana - just 25 minutes from Chicago. Buffington Harbor is the only casino facility in Indiana with 30-minute boarding periods every hour. All other casinos in Indiana board once every two hours.