Wreckfest game racing review is the one racing game with a unique feel. Bugbear Entertainment is proven to have succeeded in developing a racing game with a different taste from other racing games. After a long period of early access, Wreckfest has successfully emerged as a racing game with its main focus on destroying.

The Thrill of Thrill in Every Wreckfest Game Racing Review

The successful Wreckfest racing game review presents a crushing sensation as its main attraction. This game manages to perfect the appeal for even more massive destruction. Wreckfest will feel like it has a slimmer and denser formula than previous games from Bugbear Entertainment. This makes this racing game very suitable for fun in the world of racing.

Wreckfest is not a racing game that has an abundance of various modes and features. But this is not a big problem because this game manages to present content that feels much denser and maximal. This racing game that cannot be separated from the destruction and speed, will provide an extraordinary experience with its ability to destroy everything.

When playing this game, you have to remember that the impact of the destruction will affect the performance of the car itself. Brutal and fast you must have in Wreckfest. Acting responsive and aggressive is the key to winning. With various challenges, all possibilities can happen in this game. Every speed fight that is presented will feel very balanced with the destruction you create.

Wreckfest racing game review can be said to be an unpredictable game. When you take a high car start, it will not guarantee victory. Likewise, with a low stat car, it also does not rule out that he can win. Everyone who plays this game must work hard to maintain their position if they don’t want to be pushed to the last position.

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Amazing Visual Effects Wreckfest Game Racing Review

Every destruction and destruction that is presented in the Wreckfest racing game review feels so alive because it is supported by an amazing physical visual quality. Every destruction that is presented always looks terrible at the same time riveting on the one hand.

Collision-by-collision that occurs is wrapped nicely through a physical presence that looks quite realistic for a racing game. Car damage due to a hard hit from another car or because it accidentally hit an immovable object is successfully presented so realistically.

Every devastating effect that Wreckfest racing game review presents looks so dramatic. Bugbear Entertainment has managed to present various minor aspects of the destruction in sufficient detail. Crumbled car wreckage such as bumpers, doors, and other metal scraps scattered on the asphalt can even have an impact. You can slip and even bounce when you accidentally hit the debris.

Various aspects of the destruction that exist will make Wreckfest have its own identity that no other racing game has. For example, a hard hit that damages the suspension will cause the suspension to malfunction and the car will be very vulnerable to collisions. Another impact on the front corner of the car that damages the front wheel will also make the car more difficult to control.

Every moment that exists must be considered and utilized appropriately. This unpredictable game can immediately push you from the front to the backward. Anything is very possible in this game to complete with dramatic effects. The appearance of the destruction of each car will give every player a thrilling sensation. Supported by soft-body dynamics technology, every damage that exists can be presented perfectly.

Conquer Every Career Mode Wreckfest Game Racing Review

Wreckfest racing game review has several play modes and challenges. The presence of various challenges in the Wreckfest racing game review will tell you to destroy the opponent’s car, hit the opponent’s car against the object, do the best lap, to hit the opponent’s car until it rotates 180 degrees.

Each of these challenges will provide rewards in the form of stars, XP and extra currency. With these various rewards, you will always be motivated to complete challenges while remaining at the forefront.

The existence of a battle royale style derby bus mode will allow you to have fun with the bus because this mode will force you to survive while destroying as many other buses as possible. Meanwhile, the van mode requires you to survive the chases and hits of high-speed trucks. There are still very many modes that require you to play brutal and aggressive which will make every game you play feel more challenging and thrilling.

In the Wreckfest racing game review career mode, there are 5 sessions that you can access, ranging from low tier to high tier. Each class in the career mode has various interesting modes in it. If you want to access a higher mode, then you need points to unlock. You have to earn enough points through the mode that is accessed first so you can access the next mode if you want to change to a higher level in career mode. Besides that, this game also allows you to build your challenges.

Through the existing custom mode, you can easily determine the mode, circuit, difficulty level, and the number of racers competing. The mode offered by the Wreckfest racing game review is perfect for those of you who just want to have fun. If you want to be challenged in a higher and more difficult mode, you will need a more capable car or an upgrade. To be able to upgrade, you must use XP and the currency you already have.

The purchases you make will help your car improve performance. The customization features that are presented will be sufficient to give the car a more fashionable look or vice versa. So that Wreckfest racing game review is here to pamper those of you who want to have fun with the world of racing.

Wreckfest Game Racing Review

-The sensation of destruction was incredible
-Fantastic damage modelling and destruction effects
-Amazing demolition derby
-Interesting career mode

-Some rough presentation with very long load times.
-Content that feels incomplete
There were not as many soundtracks as expected

Game Details
Developer: Bugbear Entertainment
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date: August 27, 2019
Price: $ 22.99 at Amazon
Links: https://order.wreckfestgame.com/

Visual: 75%
Performance: 75%
Story: 70%
Audio: 70%
Price: 70%


The purchases you make will help your car improve performance. The customization features that are presented will be sufficient to give the car a more fashionable look or vice versa.

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