Are you curious about the Wild Wheel Big Money review? Push Gaming developed the slot machine known as Wild Wheel, which also features a number of luxury-related products and the well-known wheel of fortune function.

A Brief of Wild Wheel Big Money Review

You’ll get 5 spinning reels with 20 active lines when you play Wild Wheel. In this game, the highest winnings can exceed $3,000, and the features offered include stacks of wild symbols, Nudging Wilds, bonus rounds, and free spins.

1. Betting Options

It’s the kind of game where you must always have 20 active lines, necessitating a minimum wager of $0.20 per spin. From there, you can increase your wager significantly; the line bet can increase to $5 and the overall wager can reach $100.

The jackpot on Wild Wheel might amount to $3,000 with a top prize of 600 coins being promoted. Even while the amount looks low, it’s important to remember that this game’s RTP was announced as 96.98%, which is an exceptional figure.

2. Slot Features

One of the symbols in the slot machine that can award the top jackpot is the stacked wild symbol. It lands stacked with three connected symbols on top of one another. 

The game has a feature called Nudging Wilds that, as long as at least one wild from the stack is visible, essentially ensures that you will have a full wild reel. The others will be pushed on the reel, and as a result, you will receive all three.

To activate the Wild Wheel bonus feature, a single block of wild symbols must cover all three center reels. The player spins the Wheel and receives prizes from it during the next feature. He might win cash, get entry to the bonus round, or move up to the next wheel. 

If the spin’s outcome is too low, you can try again by rejecting it up to three times in this game. With the Wheel Upgrade, you can choose a wheel with higher payouts and more free spins available. There are three wheels in total, allowing you to upgrade twice for greater deals.

If you accept the free spins as your prize, they will begin once they are triggered. Each free spin will have three reels with the same symbols shown on them. You can earn some spectacular rewards if the proper symbols appear on the other two reels as well.

3. Design and Theme

The game appears to be based on a television game show of some sort. There are pictures of a piggy bank, a briefcase stuffed with cash, gold bars, coins, and money in general—basically anything that is somewhat related to money. 

Additionally, playing cards are available as low-paying icons, but they aren’t all that entertaining to look at.

Although we thought the quality of each themed symbol was fairly great, we weren’t really taken with the overall design. Even in the high-quality photographs, it appears to be a simpler slot machine with less details. Obviously, the playing cards appear considerably worse.

Final Words

In the end of bomba88slot talks about Wild Wheel Big Money review, this slot machine was created to resemble a game show, and it even has the appropriate extra features to go with the theme. We can overlook the slot’s straightforward design because we really liked its high average RTP.

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