There is excellent news for sports fans in the coming months. According to Golden Race’s CEO, the virtual sports betting business would experience “virtual sports market growth.”

Martin Wachter, the CEO of the virtual sports provider, feels that the lack of live sports betting owing to the coronavirus epidemic provides a chance for virtual sports to become more known with players.

“I see enormous growth in the virtual sports sector and this might be a fantastic alternative to betting that is not presently accessible in live sports,” Wachter said at the ‘Betting In Face Of COVID-19’ virtual conference. 

Virtual Sports Market Growth : Hundred Gaming Operators

“During this time, we have more than 100 operators who have joined up with us, and we feel we can easily reach 200. Virtual sports should continue to develop after the epidemic, as people become accustomed to the activities and things return to normal, which I see as excellent news for us and our operators.”

888 Holdings is one of these, and they have teamed with Golden Race to provide a variety of virtual sports games on both the casino platform and the Sportsbook.

The CEO emphasized the importance of virtual sports market growth, stating that virtual football accounted for 79 percent of Golden Race’s gross income in 2019. It is treating the key to virtual sports as a normal Sportsbook.

Virtual Sports Market Growth : Favourite Leagues

“Players may pick from their favorite leagues, such as the English Premier League, and grow their game across multiple leagues, just like you would with Sportsbook,” he continued. The key to understanding virtual sports is to conceive of them as traditional sports betting. 

Such as adjusting the margins and seizing actual possibilities, as well as studying the market like you would in real sports.” Our users claim it’s just like actual sports, rather than a pure RNG (random number generator) game, because they can view team and player stats.”

Guy Cohen, SVP of B2C at 888, stated, “We are incredibly excited about our partnership with Golden Race ‘Beyond Virtuals.” 

“We endeavor to provide an appealing portfolio of games to our clients, and this firm is at the forefront of virtual sports innovation.”

“We are happy to announce our relationship with such a prominent brand as 888,” stated Wachter, CEO and creator of Golden Race.

We are confident that their clients will appreciate our collection of extremely realistic virtual sports and fascinating numbers games, particularly at a time when they are seeking for fresh goods to fill the void left by a shortage of athletic events.

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