The Crew 2 review is something that dances because this game is a racing game that is quite complicated. Ubisoft has succeeded in presenting a revolutionary racing game by combining a stunning open-world concept. This makes Ubisoft has its strength in the world of racing games.

The Crew 2 Review Plot Story For Fun

The plot of the story in The Crew 2 review is here to provide you with an arena for racing at high speeds while having fun. In this game, you will take the role of a newcomer racer who wants to build a reputation in various sectors of cross-American racing. So, to achieve this reputation you will work with a television program and social media called Live TV. You have to upgrade your reputation if you want to be the real racer in this game.

The popularity that you have successfully built will be represented interestingly. The present of the number of followers who follow you is your popularity reached. If you have succeeded in winning, then you will have the opportunity to challenge and beat the rulers of the racing arena in each of the existing categories. The plot of The Crew 2 review story that looks so simple is quite interesting to follow.

While you are still at the beginning of the introduction to the competition, you may encounter cut-scenes that give you a little idea of ​​what happened. You can also identify various supporting characters that are connected to the racing category you are participating in. But if you feel this is unnecessary and want to jump right into the arena, you can press the skip button.

Entering the world of The Crew 2 review, you will feel that the story plot that is presented is presented especially for those of you who want to have fun with the world of racing. You don’t need to pay close attention to how the story in the game is built. Why is that? That’s because this game is more focused on presenting races that allow you to have fun without worrying about anything.

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United States Exploration for The Crew 2 Review Arena

As a developer, Ubisoft offers the vast United States of America as an exciting playground. The definition of a landmark from the country itself has presented beautifully thanks to the hands of Ubisoft professionals. From the east coast to the west coast, you will meet so many interesting locations.

You will find bright Santa Monica beaches, Grand Canyon ravines, mangrove swamps, to the Statue of Liberty as an icon of the United States. The number of regional variants in this game makes the playing arena for The Crew 2 review never boring.

You can use the fast-travel function available in The Crew 2 to jump from one racing mission to another. So that you can say there is no reason to just pass through this super-wide landmass of America. You will meet a variety of supportive side missions to jump quickly to where needed. So you can finish the game faster. This feature will help your gameplay easier.

You can also capture your moments through Photo Mode and also side missions that ask you to take a picture of a certain object. The photo mode results that are displayed will look so amazing against the background of the vast world of the United States of America. Even you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the existing landmark photos.

The Crew 2 review also shows that this game has a best graphic quality visualization that deserves thumbs up. A variety of visual effects, from lighting to changing weather will make every racing arena you take part in even more dramatic. The views offered from urban areas, high cliffs in the desert, giant mountains, to vast stretching vineyards will spoil the eye.

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The Crew 2 Review of Career Mode

When playing The Crew 2 you will be presented with various racing variants. This is even more complete with a mission that asks you not only to master speed battles on land, air, or water. But also make sure that you can appear capable in each of the existing sub-categories. With the abilities you have, you can hone your driving skills in a fun way.

When you are inland racing mode, you will meet the drift, drag, monster truck category that focuses on collecting as many force points as possible. Meanwhile, in the world of Formula car racing, Supercars with the concept of touring, motorbikes, to offroad races that let you hit many obstacles. This is a very fun part of The Crew 2 review.

At sea, you meet at least two variants of speedboats that come with different challenges and characteristics. Then when in the air, the aircraft you have will be divided into two categories, namely speed fighting and fighting. This will certainly give the sensation of a racing game that is so challenging without leaving an impression full of fun. You can also feel the sensation of controlling an aeroplane to move freestyle which is rarely found in other games.

You can enjoy every moment of racing on land, sea or air without pause. The further your game progress, the more racing variants you can unlock. In The Crew 2 review, you also shouldn’t forget to buy at least one vehicle variant from each category to be able to play it. Why is that? Because it will not be free. You have to understand this if you want to enjoy each game more freely.

The Crew 2 Review

-Huge world map and lots of different terrains all over the game world
-Continuous new content
-So many choices of types of racing, not only on land
-Variants and quantities of the number of races
-Weather effects that make the race feel dramatic

-The world at large does not motivate exploration
-The sensation of driving on land is normal
-Always online
-No PvP
-Stories are vague and insignificant

Game Details
Developer: Ivory Tower
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia
Release Date: June 29, 2018
Price: $ 24.87 at Amazon

Visual: 85%
Performance: 85%
Story: 80%
Audio: 80%
Price: 75%


You can enjoy every moment of racing on land, sea or air without pause. The further your game progress, the more racing variants you can unlock.

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