Need For Speed ​​Heat review is a racing game that requires you to keep driving on the road. As a developer, Ghost Games has succeeded in presenting a racing games that is suitable for fun regardless of other things. This racing game that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere offers endless racing action.

The plot of Interesting Story Need For Speed ​​Heat Review

In Need For Speed ​​Heat review, the story plot that is presented feels very interesting. Every race you do in Palm City will make you feel interesting. Palm City is a city that makes racing daily food. Through the selected characters you play, you will be interested in testing your courage at the Speedhunter Showdown.

Your ambition to put your skills to the test around Palm City will lead you to meet Lucas Rivera. Lucas is a former racer and owner of a huge city repair shop who will recommend you several different types of vehicles to choose from. Besides Lucas, there is also Ana Rivera. As the younger brother of Lucas, Ana also has the same interests. Unfortunately, you are pursuing his ambition illegally.

Because it is still illegal, Ana’s character will glance at you as a potential racer to fill one of the vacant spaces. However, you should know that Palm City in Need For Speed ​​Heat review is not a friendly city for speed lovers. Palm City has a special police department known as the High-Speed ​​Task Force whose mission is to eradicate illegal racers at any cost. Therefore, you and Ana are included in this target game.

He exclaimed, almost all the policemen who joined the High-Speed ​​Task Force from Palm City were not good people. There is an aroma of corruption that encourages you and Ana to fight to express it in the public space. However, the stronger your resistance, the crazier the efforts of the Palm City police to silence him. Action chase racing between you and the police is what will make the story so lively and interesting.

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Need For Speed ​​Heat Review Captivating Visual Appearance

The visual side of the Need for Speed ​​Heat review is unquestionable. Every detail and accuracy of representation for the car that is presented looks so alive. How the sensation that you will damage while driving a car will feel so exciting and fun. Moreover

The world of Palm City is a magnificent world complete with eye-pleasing designs. Through its tropical taste, Plam City is not just a big city decorated with super-tall buildings with extra coconut trees in the corners of the beach. But Palm City is more than that. The image of the city which has a large enough map size looks so stunning that it amazes anyone.

Need For Speed ​​Heat review Palm City has several sessions with captivating visuals. The presence of swamp areas that are more comfortable to explore with offroad cars, so you can explore all of the winding mountain roads more freely.

You can even find cool locations related to space exploration. You can find a rocket launcher complete with a rocket that looks towering. Besides, several giant satellite dishes are used to fire and pick up radio signals that are perfectly represented.

The technology designs that you find in Need For Speed ​​Heat review can bring a unique side of grandeur. That means lots of objects that you can destroy while racing. Palm City also comes with more dangerous locations like lakes or seas which will force your car to respawn if you accidentally fall into it. All of that is equipped with a variety of lighting effects that are presented so that the game feels more alive and looks dramatic.

Need For Speed ​​Heat Review Story Mode

Every mode in Need For Speed ​​Heat review always offers a thrilling experience. In this game, you will find a simple drifting system, non-simulated controls that are still fun and tense, and a progress system that will be defined by the Power Level system. The number of power levels will be determined by the performance of the engine components that you inject into your car.

The missions that you will play in this game are divided into two categories, namely side missions to get certain resources and main missions that will encourage the side of the story. The farther your progress, the higher the required power level.

Apart from that, there is also a day and night racing system that comes with their unique mechanisms. All races during the day are counted as legal races, while all races at night are counted as illegal races. Each race, day or night, will be divided into several categories from road racing, off-road to drift racing.

Besides, Need For Speed ​​Heat review also presents an AI system which is quite interesting. The police, who are presented as antagonistic parties, are successfully implemented into the gameplay with the perfect capacity that becomes your opponent when spurring speed. The police AI system will feel more brutal so that it feels very challenging. You have to finish the race while avoiding the cop cars that consistently chase you, even when you cross the finish line.

-Stunning visuals
-Super cool Palm City location design
-Attractive day-night system
-Without microtransactions
-AI works with intents
-Without rubberbanding

-The choice of music is not correct
-The story feels like a joke
-Sounds boring
-Cops get too aggressive too fast

Game Details
Developer: Ghost Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date: November 8, 2019
Price: $ 29.99 at Amazon

Visual: 80%
Performance: 75%
Story: 75%
Audio: 70%
Price: 70%


What makes the police cars in Need for Speed ​​Heat review an interesting review is their aggressiveness that surpasses all kinds of police car AI that the previous Need for Speed ​​series had to offer. The longer and smarter your action is to avoid these cops, the higher the number of Heat levels you will reap. These police cars come without knowing the word stop until you can get away from them a significant distance. This is what makes Need For Speed ​​Heat review so exciting.

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