There is a long journey in the history of lottery gambling. Until finally, growing as it is today. Especially in Indonesia. Starting from the phenomenon of legalization to the ban by the government. Including the fact that this type of Lottery Gambling gambling is still popular with people from various walks of life.

Togel is one of the most popular betting games. It is the most popular type of bet. Compared to other types of Lottery Gambling .

Lottery gambling, usually using number guesses. Where requires players to guess what numbers will come out in predictions.

Togel is an abbreviation of dark toto. Currently developing into two versions of the game. Namely, online and offline lottery. The online version of the game is played using the internet. Meanwhile, the offline lottery is the conventional version. Where the activities are carried out offline.

Togel itself has many pros and cons. Many parties reject the existence of lottery gambling as a betting game. While the parties who support it are still many and persist in playing this type of Lottery Gambling game.

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The history of lottery gambling in Indonesia , the process of its emergence.

The lottery game in Indonesia until now has a controversy behind it. Many people reject the existence of this game because it causes more negative impacts.

The history of Lottery Gambling in Indonesia itself has gone through a long journey. This toto lottery game first appeared since the Dutch colonial era in Indonesia. The entry of the lottery game in Indonesia at that time was initiated by the colonizers.

Although it is not known when and who introduced this game, it is certain that the ones who brought this game were foreign traders who entered Indonesia.

This reason arose because the culture of the people at that time did not know Roman and Latin letters as listed in various lottery coupons.

The existence of lottery at that time was also identified with night entertainment, as well as Dutch taxes. The withdrawal of this Lottery Gambling tax was based on the Dutch cash needs which were large enough to make them collect taxes in any case, including Lottery Gambling.

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Conventional lottery coupon images

During the Dutch rule, which at that time wanted to establish a union state system, the generals of the Dutch East Indies at that time even had rules regarding Lottery Gambling.

At that time they set up the lottery game system as part of the entertainment and cash market . Everyone can play it here.

During the development of lottery during the reign of the Dutch East Indies, this game was legalized and allowed to be played. All circles, be it the aristocratic, indigenous, or colonial groups themselves participated in playing the lottery.

Public interest in lottery games continues to increase along with the development of the lottery itself. This game is widely found in remote villages and has become a low-class folk game.

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Post-Independence Lottery Gambling Indonesia

Since Indonesia’s independence, the lottery game has received little attention from the government. Games that use this bet are seen as games that have a negative and detrimental impact. Indonesia, which was newly independent at that time, had a goal to improve everything.

Under Soekarno’s leadership, lottery games were prohibited from circulating. At that time, this game was considered to damage the nation’s morale so it had to be abolished.

Through Presidential Decree No. 114 of 1965 which states that all forms of lottery gambling are considered illegal because they are considered to damage the “morality of the nation’s children”.

This policy then made many Lottery Gambling houses forced to close. Soekarno really did not want Lottery Gambling to circulate in the community. However, people at that time still played the lottery in a secret way.

Shortly after Sukarno stepped down from the presidency, Suharto took over the government. Suharto’s leadership period contained many controversial policies, one of which was the legalization of Lottery Gambling.

At that time, Suharto, through his policy, allowed people to play lottery through lottery coupons. The lottery is again being played and the system is regulated by governments such as the local government and the central government. But in this era lottery does not sound like a Lottery Gambling game.

Despite the same nature, the lottery is run not as a lottery, but sports coupons with prizes licensed from the government. This policy has drawn criticism from parties who do not agree with all types of Lottery Gambling.

Despite receiving various contra opinions, this policy has been running for quite a long time.

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The coupon Lottery Gambling prevailing at that time was SDSB or generous donations with prizes. In addition, there is also a porkas raffle. Both have something in common, namely buying lottery coupons and being able to get prizes from these coupons.

This policy arose because the state needed substantial funds in handling social and sporting activities. The lottery circulating at that time had a high enough interest in various remote areas.

The benefits of this policy are numerous. The government is able to reap profits from this lottery of up to billions of rupiah. The distribution of Lottery Gambling profits that were circulating at that time was then distributed to the social, sports, and several other departments.

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Togel Policy in Local Government

The lottery legalization policy itself has also occurred in several areas. Through regional policy, lottery games are allowed to be played under certain conditions. The areas that have legalized Lottery Gambling and lottery games are DKI Jakarta and Surabaya.

The Surabaya local government at that time wanted to hold the PON as the host.

The funds needed are quite large, so the government has to make a lot of sense to get a lot of funds and quickly. Around 1968, they issued the Lotto or Totalizer Lottery.

This type of lottery is almost the same as the lottery currently circulating. The lottery marketed was in the form of lottery coupons with prizes that were in demand by the public at that time. The profits obtained from the sale of Lotto are very profitable and are able to cover the lack of funds for the implementation of PON.

Long before that, the governor of DKI Jakarta, Ali Sadikin, had implemented a policy of legalizing Lottery Gambling in his area. According to him, gambling and lottery are able to provide a fairly high tax as regional income. Thanks to this tax, Jakarta was able to carry out development quickly.

This policy, of course, has many pros and cons opinions. Many parties are asking for this policy to be abolished because it will make people addicted. Many also support the existence of this game because it is considered profitable.

Popular Types of Togel in Indonesia

The development of the lottery world is certainly very fast and diverse. Various types of Lottery Gambling have emerged and become games that are favored by the community. In addition to the various types, this game is also well known in the world of online games. So don’t be surprised if many players play the lottery with only one cellphone.

There are two types of lottery that are popular in Indonesia. This lottery is the Singapore lottery (SGP) and also the Hong Kong lottery (HK). What are the advantages and disadvantages of this lottery?

Singapore Lottery Game

Singapore is one of the countries that legalize lottery games in Southeast Asia. Although legal, Lottery Gambling establishment permits here are supervised by the government and official institutions. There are also quite a lot of fans, both from within and outside the country, so that it can increase state revenue by a large amount.

Gambling activity in Singapore is arguably the most open in Southeast Asia. There are many magnificent casinos that can pamper the players there. One of the most famous casinos is MBS (Marino Bay Sands). One of the popular games is lottery.

Togel is estimated to have appeared in 1951 in Kedah. At the beginning of its appearance, the Singapore lottery only used 1 Singapore dollar with a gift offer in the form of a bicycle. Players only need to guess 2 digit numbers that will come out or commonly known as 2D.

Due to the increasing demand, a group of lottery lovers emerged, namely The Singapore Turf Club. They then developed the 4D lottery in 1966.

4D Togel is played with 4 digit numbers that must be guessed. This 4D lottery which first appeared offers a prize of 2000 Singapore dollars with a stake of 1 Singapore dollar.

In 1968, the government took over and made it the Singapore Pools. The goal is to control and supervise gambling legally so that no gambling is circulating illegally.

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The Rapid Development of Singapore Togel

Singapore lottery is currently experiencing rapid development because it supports the growth of Lottery Gambling. This lottery enthusiast also continues to increase from time to time. The number of Singapore Pools branches currently has reached 300 branches.

In Singapore Pools itself, the types of games provided are not just lottery. Some of these games are horse racing, football and motorcycle racing. So, players can play several games with various variations.

The lottery drawing itself also involves the government as the party that regulates its circulation. In fact, when the draw was held, there was an official body that was present as a supervisor.

To increase the value of public trust, players are also given the opportunity to press the lottery button to make it more fair and avoid cheating.

For online gambling players, Singapore lottery is well known. This type of lottery can be accessed online and easily by anyone through the official website. Togel Singapore or commonly abbreviated as SGP is widely circulated and played in Indonesia.

Various sites that provide online gambling services, of course, provide SGP lottery features in them. Although it has developed with an online system, the method and systematics of the regulations still refer to the conventional system.

Input prediction numbers using online services with the aim of making it easier for anyone to access them so there is no need to come to the pools.

Randomization of numbers is done in a modern way with modern tools. So that this type of online makes it easier for players.

The convenience provided in online lottery games certainly increases the popularity of the SGP lottery, especially among gambling lovers. The systematics are fast and efficient, which makes them even more attractive.

How to access it is quite easy, players can directly visit the related site and can play immediately. So that players can play without coming to the pools and can be accessed more easily anywhere

Hong Kong Lottery Game

Hong Kong lottery basically has the same thing as other types of lottery. The bets given in this game also use real money and can be accessed online or offline.

This game originally appeared around the 1970s. This Lottery Gambling was in great demand by the people of Hong Kong at that time. Apart from entertainment, bets and offers are also attractive to the public.

The name of this lottery was originally Duo Chong Cai or Lie He Cai. This vocabulary comes from Chinese.

The term means a six-sign lottery or a six-figure Lottery Gambling. The use of this word is to show a game that uses 6 numbers in its guess.

At first, this lottery only circulated in Hong Kong. At that time, the lottery that was circulated had not been taxed. Then came the idea to expand abroad.

There is a lottery association, the Hong Kong Joker Club International. This group brought the Hong Kong lottery abroad. Hong Kong lottery fans in Southeast Asia have a fairly high level.

On the Hong Kong online lottery provider site, prediction numbers are usually displayed that will come out based on the previous winner, this is open to all players. Players can also see what numbers have come out. This will make it easier for players to guess the numbers.

Online Lottery Gambling Site Facts

Lottery games can be accessed and played easily. With the convenience of the online system, players can access it from anywhere and anytime.

This lottery site is found on various online gambling sites that can be accessed anywhere. Players only need to register and will get a user ID as an identity.

Playing the Hong Kong lottery online is fairly easy. Players simply enter the predicted numbers in the available columns and follow the flow.

There are lots of sites that provide lottery games. Some are official sites licensed from the country of origin and some are fake.

According to Fendi, one of the sources, from the various sites available, players must be careful in choosing. Gambling service providers must have several requirements that are a reference and also an attraction to deceive new players on their site.

Site License

Licensing is a system built to provide professional and international regulatory standards for gambling activities according to the territorial zone of a country that legalizes gambling. This license becomes the official license for the site in organized gambling activities. It can be ensured that with the existence of a license on each gambling organizer, gamblers can be sure that there is no cheating in their gambling activities.

Realistic Bonus

Bonuses are a special attraction in inviting gambling fans to be able to join service provider sites. Thus, people will be easily tempted by bonuses that have a very large nominal.

Old User

Gambling service providers usually participate in showing the winnings to previous gambling winners in order to make their service site appear to have quite a lot of fans. Whereas gamblers who have long fallen into the habit of gambling are indeed a concern. Gambling activities with high expectations, which encourage someone to be very difficult to let go of the habit. The fact is that from these old online gambling users, they don’t get what they want. Very many of them are actually still participating in gambling just to try to return the capital they have spent before.

Characteristics of Togel Sites That Are Prone to Fraud

Still according to Fendi, playing the Hong Kong lottery online is certainly very fun. Because it is easily accessible by anyone. Players do not need to waste time and energy to go to lottery dealers. Only with a mobile phone or computer, then the user will be connected on the site.

“There are many trusted Hong Kong lottery sites available. Do comparisons between sites in order to get the best lottery site,” said Fendi.

Then what are the characteristics of the Hong Kong lottery site that is indicated as a fraud? According to Fendi, there are many characteristics to recognize him. Namely as follows;

  • The results of the lottery numbers are edited by the bookie after the final, causing them to lose.
  • Prize money from winnings is not sent by lottery dealers.
  • If there is a complaint, the player who made the complaint will be blocked after the complaint.
  • If players are members of the lottery site facebook group, users who provide criticism and complaints will be removed from the group.
  • After winning, the website cannot be opened.
  • The age of the site is less than 1 year but provides many abundant bonuses.
  • Customer service does not play a role as it should
  • Prospective lottery players are forced to place bets and make a large deposit into the site.
  • Servers that are used often experience interference and slow site performance.

“In any type of lottery game, if we are not tempted by these various activities, so we are not easily fooled by the lure of the bookies themselves,” said Fendi.


So about the reviews and facts about lottery gambling in Indonesia. And what you need to know, lottery is a real form of gambling activity. In Indonesia, it is an illegal game. This means that any perpetrators, both players and dealers, will be subject to legal sanctions.

Not only that, gambling itself is still considered as one of the activities that have a negative impact on the perpetrators. Both morally and materially.

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