Online Togel – The history of online togel, developments from the past until now, online togel gambling games currently have a long journey. The past was as complicated as it is now, and it turns out that lotteries have gone through many processes, so you can use the Internet to access the games. Until now, this trip was impossible, because togel fans were not calm.

Since the Dutch colonial era, Online Togel or Toto Dark has existed in Indonesia. In ancient times, some media said that the name togel was only used in Indonesia. If you are in a foreign country, please do not use this term, but use the term “Toto Togel”. And this game is definitely not from Indonesia. Many people agree that during the Dutch colonial period, togel tickets were carried by foreign traders.

However, Indonesia is still divided into several Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms, so the language used prevents the spread of the online togel game, agile ball. The standard language was not used in Indonesian until the Dutch colonial era.

During the Dutch colonial period, Indonesia was synonymous with gambling, entertainment and nightlife. This culture has influenced most of the Indonesian population. People with a lot of money started participating in lotteries and other gambling activities that were used at that time.

The History of Indonesian Togel in the New Order Period

Over time, during the Dutch colonial period, togel gambling was banned by the government and religion was strictly prohibited. The government firmly threatens that anyone caught will be punished immediately. This regulation has caused some togel brokers to lose their livelihood.

Then came the new order, and now the togel can be played again, because this game doesn’t sound like gambling. At that time the togel game was played not as a togel but as a prize-winning sports coupon, and this game was also used to support the development and development of the Indonesian nation’s achievements in the field of sports.

It was only after the government passed Law No. 22 of 1945 regarding togel prizes to support togel activities. Prior to this, the togel was considered to have no side effects, so it was always considered a valuable sports donation coupon (KSOB).

However, it turned out that the togel collection at that time was misused by the local government. This can be seen by drawing a certain percentage of government figures from the togel results collected. This activity is actually corrupt. In the end, the MUI team made the decision to ban the togel activity.

What You Need To Know About The Current Development Of Online Togel

Seeing the current development of online togel agents which are still very successful, they conclude that togel activities are still in great demand. The advantages of using a computer or cellphone (HP) to access online togel tickets are also well known, such as security, convenience, and more guaranteed benefits compared to live games.

Then there are many bonus offers provided by online togel dealers, such as the Winning Bonus which will be added, so that the profits obtained will also be doubled. Then you can also see all your spending and income transactions in this game. These details can also be used to track the profits you will make.

But with the development of togel, you have to be careful with the existence of fake online togel dealers. So everyone must be vigilant and not be fooled by fake online togel dealers, because seeing this naughty and irresponsible fake dealer, many people feel cheated.

An example of a weakness is that online togel betting companies do not initially provide the promised profits. Playing online gambling is at a agen judi togel which will provide many advantages.

The development of the world of togel games must also make people more literate and smart about technology. Because rapid development is certainly very good for the convenience and comfort of users/players, but it must be accompanied by sufficient knowledge so that users can also have wisdom and understand the development of online togel. /Aha

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