Dirt 4 by Codemasters is a game with a best ps4 sim racing games genre that can be chosen to hone driving skills through a driving sim. The game, which was released in 2017, continues to be developed to achieve perfection in performance. Every detail offered by this game will make anyone feel challenged with a passion to finish the game.

Dirt 4 by Codemasters: Game With the Perfect Driving Simulation

Dirt 4 by Codemasters comes with a simulated racing game that is easy to use for new racer games. User-friendly simulation technology has succeeded in enabling anyone to enjoy the game to its full potential. In this game, you will find special features for those of you who are interested in tasting Dirt 4 as a simulation racing game. For those of you who are not too familiar, simulation means trying to represent racing conditions like in the real world as realistically as possible.

The simulation presented by Dirt 4 by Codemasters is intended for those of you who are indeed pursuing the thrill of racing like in the real world. Every wheel movement, setting, your speed to withstand the brakes, the weather, even the slightest movement will have a more significant effect, just like in the real world.

This is perfect for those of you who are pursuing that sensation. Especially if you enjoy it with a specially designed steering controller, then you feel more challenged. The highest level of difficulty in this mode makes simulation lovers from Codemasters will not lose its appeal.

As a rallying game, Dirt 4 by Codemasters can be controlled more easily. This game provides a control option called “Gamer” for a more arcade sensation. The control mechanism that is carried is simpler, so you can have more fun in this. You can decide for yourself what kind of racing experience you want. You can even feel how to play racing games with a more arcade racing game sensation.

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Exciting Challenges In Dirt 4 by Codemasters

Dirt 4 by Codemasters offers a variety of features and other content extras for those of you who want variety in the rally racing game. In the racing rally genre, you will face the challenge of completing a predetermined track as quickly as possible. Through tracks that are still wild and rough, drivers and navigators must be able to ensure that a car that continues to gallop over dust and the like does not end up damaged or worse.

The mode of damage that you will face in a variety of modes is not uncommon to make your car flip on the road. In Dirt 4 by Codemasters, the damage doesn’t only affect the visuals, but also the gameplay. If you choose the career mode, there will be demands to set when you have to repair or leave the car just like that. All of your decisions will affect the gameplay in the various modes that are presented.

Dirt 4 by Codemasters also provides variations for you. You can choose to drive a bigger vehicle in Land Rush, or Rally Cross. This makes races possible on smaller tracks along with unique AI and rules. You will enjoy each story mode in each career mode choice. Apart from that, there is also a small meta-game mode where you can determine what kind of sponsors and crew will support your Rally career to the end.

More Lively Simulation Equipped with Challenging and Cool Tracks

Dirt 4 by Codemasters can simulate the same conditions as the real world. This game can test your ability to pass through the terrain and track design that is ready to punish you for a minor carelessness. Therefore, you have to know when is the best time to drive, turn, and slow down the car at various track points if you want to win.

The role of the navigator who keeps shouting where you have to move also manages to appear perfectly because you can’t rely on the power of your eyes alone when playing. This certainly makes this game feel so alive like a real rally. The game that is the best rally racing sim game offers a real sensation in a vivid track design.

You’ll find tons of beautiful tracks with cinematic views in Dirt 4 by Codemasters. This visual offering will spoil you with a captivating effect. Every turn that is present in a row with a fairly vague road condition following the wild environment around it will give a different sensation. Even the right lighting and sound lighting works the game has undeniable graphics on ps4.

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Dirt 4 Comes With Your Stage

Dirt 4 by Codemasters has the advantage in its features. You’ll find a feature called Your Stage to create new tracks for you to try, whenever you want. All the tracks you create are done through a UI that’s easy to master. By only selecting certain indicators, Your Stage will create a track that you can enjoy right away without the need to design in detail.

All you need to do with this feature is to select the main area as a base, how long the tracks are, how complex the content is, and then the weather and race time. This feature is random so it is likely that you will always get new tracks with it. This makes it feel like a track that Codemasters was born and designed on purpose.

The Your Stage feature in Dirt 4 by Codemasters offers such flawless visuals complete with their own identities and challenges. This feature also allows you to mix the tournaments you want by combining them and also reap in-game currency by completing them. Tracks that are never the same for you to try will make it enjoyable for a very long time. So it can be said that Dirt 4 by Codemasters is a simulator game with the best rally racing genre.

Visually stunning presentation
Challenging difficulty levels
Your Stage feature
The influence of weather and light on the sensation of driving
Variation of content
Handling gamer or simulation options that reach all groups
Career mode with several unique features

Modes other than Rally don’t feel all that interesting
The UI for setting up sponsors/teams in career mode feels messy
The car collection is still limited, especially modern cars

Game Details
Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Codemasters
Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, macOS
Release Date: 6 June 2017
Price: $ 24 at Amazon
Links: https://www.codemasters.com/game/dirt-4/

Visual: 90%
Performance: 90%
Story: 85%
Audio: 85%
Price: 90%


The Your Stage feature in Dirt 4 by Codemasters offers such flawless visuals complete with their own identities and challenges.

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