Commonly Applicable Rules in Football – Football is a popular sport game, with a variety of excitement in it, there are rules in football that must be obeyed.

The existence of these rules provides an idea of ​​how a game will play. Football will not work if there are no binding rules.

With these rules, this game is one of the exciting sports. The excitement of this soccer game is shown by the enthusiasm of various groups who show that this game is indeed fun to play and watch.

All the rules in football must be obeyed by those involved in the match. They are players, coaches, and referees. By obeying these rules, surely the game will be more exciting and fun.

Even when scoring goals, there are rules that are used. Through for example, a goal will be declared valid if it is not offside. Interesting right? Then, what are the rules in football that are often encountered?

Commonly Applicable Rules in Football on the Field

When playing football, the main thing to pay attention to is the field. The established rules also provide a benchmark or guide on the game of football in providing a field.

The size of a soccer ball depends on the type of match and the age of the player. The rules in soccer that govern this field show how there are standards in every soccer game.

The ideal size for playing football in accordance with the regulations agreed by FIFA is to have a field length of 100 to 110 meters which is used for international matches.

Meanwhile, regular matches range from 90 to 120 meters. Meanwhile, the width of the field is 64 to 75 meters for international class and 45 to 90 meters for regular class games.

These rules in soccer also give rules to several components. As explained at it also provides an explanation of some of the components. For example, the area of ​​the goal is 5.5 meters long and 18.32 meters wide.

Meanwhile, the radius of the middle circle is 9.15 meters. The penalty area is 16.5 meters long and 40.32 meters wide. Inside there is a penalty point distance to the opponent’s goal which is 11 meters. The net is 2.4 meters high by 7.3 meters wide. / Dy

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