Cities in the Netherlands – The Netherlands is a very well-known country in Europe as one of the developed countries and tourist destinations. This country is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe. Every holiday season arrives, lots of tourists come to visit and enjoy the beauty of this one country.

It is not a strange thing if this one country becomes a very famous tourist country. There are so many interesting spots that offer something different and not the same. In addition, the many supporting facilities in it make this country one of the few tourist destinations in western Europe that is never empty of visitors.

Tourist Cities in the Netherlands

This time we will discuss about some parts of the tourist attractions in the Netherlands. Some tourist city destinations in the Netherlands are always crowded by every tourist. There are various cities that have beauty and uniqueness that you certainly shouldn’t miss. several selected cities that you can visit, such as.

1. Amsterdam


The first tourist cities in the Netherlands that you should not miss is Amsterdam. This city is the capital of the Netherlands, so it is not surprising that many tourists come to visit this city. As the center of government in the Netherlands, it can be said that this area has many historical tourist destinations. There are several tourist attractions in Amsterdam that we can’t say and we can’t just miss it without being visited.

Amsterdam has a lot of shopping tourist locations that can pamper and make anyone feel at home to linger.

We can find various types of goods with famous brands in several shopping centers in Amsterdam. The city itself also offers beautiful and quite unique views, with old canals that divide the city into several parts. A modern city, however, still feels the atmosphere of the past.

2. Rotterdam

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As one of the most famous tourist cities in Europe, the name Rotterdam is not a foreign thing. Especially for those who like traveling around the world. The city of Rotterdam itself is a city full of history, so Rotterdam is considered important in the Netherlands. This city is known as one of the modern cities in the world. We can see this with the various kinds of building architecture in this area. One of the most famous buildings in Rotterdam is the Erasmus bridge.

3. The Hague

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This tourist city in the Netherlands is one of the largest and most important cities in the Netherlands. This city is a parliament cities in the Netherlands, this is based on the existence of the oldest parliament building that is still in use today. In addition, this area is one of the few cities that holds a lot of important history about the Netherlands.

The city itself also has many important buildings such as the Peace palace which is very important for world peace. In addition there is also a tourist location called Madurodam which is very interesting and unique. If you have a chance, then visit this city.

4. Utrecht


Since its early development and establishment, Utrecht has been the center of religious development in the Netherlands. So it is not surprising that there are many of the most beautiful church buildings in Europe that we can visit. Until now, this city still plays an important role in the development of religion in the Netherlands.

In addition, this city has some of the best and largest universities in the Netherlands. Before the cultural center moved to Amsterdam, this city was the center of the cloud first. We can see this with some of the old buildings, and some of the castles that still exist around this area of ​​the city.

5. Kinderdijk

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The country of the windmill is one of several other designations for the Dutch state. basically the designation is not without reason. One of the reasons for the mention is in the town of Kinderdijk. If we visit this area, we will find a very large and long row of windmills.

Those are the best honeymoon destinations cities in the Netherlands that you can visit. Each of these cities will provide a very interesting experience. Surely each of these experiences will not make you feel disappointed. Hopefully the information was useful. / Aha

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