Card Counting Techniques – How many times have you thought to yourself, “I wish I could win every time I placed a bet?” We all have times, but sadly, we do not have the time, and do not have the money, to implement a proper cardoretical approach to casino gambling.

However, there are some simple card counting techniques that can help you to improve your odds, and increase your wins.

Card counting techniques are of two different types: balanced and unbalanced. Balanced means that if you count through the deck, and count out all the numbers, you will end up with the same count, and this is the initial running count (one before any cards are dealt). Unbalanced means that the cards are not in flow, and you are not keeping track of the cards.

Card Counting Techniques for Blackjack

You must first determine if the deck is rich in face cards or tens. (8 decks gives you a 2:1 edge on tens, 4:1 edge on face cards) If you are dealing with high cards, you will want to reduce your bet, whereas if you are dealing with low cards, you will want to increase your bet.

Here is a simple example of card counting technique: Let’s say a deck is 30 cards, and a 2 has been dealt. You are initial running count is 9, so you place a $1 chip on the 2, and you now are counting through the deck. Here’s what it will look like when you are done:

This means that the deck contains a total of 14 cards, 3 low cards and 3 high cards. If you are betting $1, you would want to bet $4. If you bet $3, you would want to bet $6. And so on.

When you see a low card, you add a point, and so this would change as you are counting through the deck. You are looking for cards that are worth less than a point. And, if you are looking for cards that are worth more than a point, you would want to count through the deck.

While card counting, you must keep track of all of the cards played. You see a high card, you add 1 (the low card). You see a low card, you add 1. And you add 1 as you see more high cards.

The system is designed to let you have a running count total. You always start with a running count total of zero. Then, you base the next card count on the total of the cards played – across all remaining decks – in the shoe.

Card counting is normally utilizes in blackjack games, but it can be used in other games. When casino staff ask you to leave, or if you are being asked to leave in house, because you are playing too tightly, this is usually a good sign that you are up against a streak and, possibly, a good opportunity to bet.

Determine Good Odds to Bet

Additionally, if casino customers are processing an extremely high bet, you can bet that they are garnering an extremely large pot. This could be cue to take down the pot despite the fact that you are playing perfect blackjack.

SurrenderThe term surrender refers to legally accepting the deal before the dealer. If you are playing blackjack, you can surrender your hand, and drop out of the hand, or simply give up half of your bet! The terminology is explained in more detail below.

THE FREIGHTING PHOTON The term FREIGHT refers to the act of dropping out of a hand, before the dealer checks his hand. If you are playing blackjack, you can drop out of the hand before the dealer checks his hand.

Typically, you want to give up your hand placement if the dealer has an ace, king, queen, or jack. You can check out the dealer’s card in hopes that you might be able to beat the hand with your additional cards. If the dealer has a ten card, you will probably lose unless the dealer has an ace or some type of high card.

ALWAYS KEEP A DAILY STake Like any type of gambling, to be successful you must have a daily stake. This daily stake is an amount of money that you set aside each day to play with.

Then, stick to that stake and know that you won’t use it until that day. Whether you win or lose during the day, you still go back into your daily stake to play again.

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That’s the review about Simple Card Counting Techniques that I can convey, hopefully it will be useful information and a source of inspiration for you. /Aha

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