Bring the sun and great prizes into your home with the online slot Aloha Cluster Pays Slot from Netent. It is autumn, the days are getting shorter and colder. 

The perfect time to escape to a tropical island. But if that is not possible, there is still the cheerful, sunny slot Aloha, from game maker Netent.

The relaxed soundtrack with ukulele music alone is enough to make you feel like you’re in Hawaii. And if you win a big prize, a tiki totem pole will dance the hula for you. Festive!.

Aloha Cluster Pays Slot Review

1. How Does Aloha Work?

The Aloha slot has six reels. There are no paylines. Instead, you win a prize if there are at least nine of the same symbols consecutively on the reels. The bigger the cluster of the same symbols, the higher your prize.

Therefore, the slot has the subtitle ‘Cluster Pays’. Aloha Cluster Pays has two additional features: Sticky Win Re-spins and Free Spins.

1. Sticky Win Re-spins

If you have a winning combination, you sometimes get the Sticky Win Re-spins, completely randomly. The totem pole claps in his hands, the cluster stops and the reels spin again.

If at least one of the same symbols lands adjacent to the cluster, you get another respin. This continues until the same symbol does not appear or the whole screen is filled with the same symbol.

2. Free Spins

If you spin three or more bonus symbols (purple stamps), you will win at least nine free spins.

After every two spins, the lowest symbol is dropped from the reels. This gives you more high symbols on the reels during the remaining free spins and a greater chance of winning dominoqq big prizes.

After eight spins, all low symbols are out of the game and only masks are left on the reels. You then have an extremely high chance of winning a large prize. Exciting!.

2. The 1000 Spins on Aloha 

We played 1000 spins on the slot Aloha with a bet of $0.50 per spin.

And what spins!

During the first 100 spins, we already get the free spins twice. The first time was good for $16.75 and the second time for no less than $45.25.

Furthermore, two top combinations in the basic game: $12.50 and $32.50. After 100 spins there is already more than $ 100,- profit on the counter.

After that, the balance goes up and down. Occasionally nothing happens for a while, but invariably Aloha suddenly gives a spectacular prize. 

Once a combination of 9 green masks falls. Thanks to the Sticky Re-spins, the cluster grows to 19 masks, worth $32.50.

We have never gotten so many ‘big wins’ during a slot test session. After 1000 spins, the final balance is therefore considerably higher: $80.25 profit.

3. The Result of The Game

After playing the Aloha slot, we got some results.

  • The result after 1000 spins at $0.50: $80.25 profit
  • The 5 highest prices: $45.25 / $36.75 / $32.50 / $32.50 / $26.75
  • Free spins: 8 times (avg. win $19.59)
  • Re-spins: 9 times (avg. win $7.22)
  • According to Netent, Aloha’s payout percentage (RTP) is 96.42%

In conclusion, Aloha Cluster Pays Slot is not only relaxed and cheerful, but also exciting. Especially the last spin of the free spins, with only masks on the reels, is spectacular and often yields big prizes.

If you haven’t tried this slot yet, give it a chance. In addition, you can  keep playing until you get the free spins. So interesting, right?.

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